The updated website of Business Radio Group –


Leading radioholding Business Radio Group has become even more open and accessible with a new, multi-functional site – Now everyone can easily receive all necessary information concerning the holding and its radio stations.

Business Radio Group – is the largest and well-known company that combines popular radio stations “Shanson”, “Lyubimoe Radio”, “DJFM”, “Business Radio”, and has the exclusive rights on sale of the advertising of “Peretz FM”. The format of each station is unique and strictly positioned, which in its turn provides a high level of loyalty to a certain age group of listeners.

The unity of radio stations allows to cover the maximum number of listeners and to compare it with the TV channels. Due to this feature, Business Radio Group has become one of the largest players in the media market and has its own production studio, where with the help of modern equipment can record a variety of screensavers, videos, thematic programs and it is not the whole list. Creative studio managers develop unique scenarios for each client that promotes radio stations on the air.

Now all of the latest news of the holding, the main shares of the stations and the important achievements of the company – all this in a new, comfortable, stylish and functional site