Song contest “Ukrainian format”


Business Radio Group, consisting of three radio stations (Business Radio, Lubimoe Radio and Radio Shanson) takes part in a new radio project – Ukrainian song contest “Ukrainian format.” The organizer of the project – industrial association “Radio Committee”.


This competition will start from 15 July to 30 August. The goal of this contest is to support young artists and search for new stars of the national stage. Participation in the competition is open to Ukrainian-language songs created over the past two years.

Web site:

Stages of “Ukrformat”:

15.07 – 26.07 – Collection of songs and announcement of the contest on the radio;

26.07 – 31.07 – The work of the jury, the selection of eight songs that will be in the rotation;

01.08 – 10.09 – Rotation and SMS-voting;

– till 20.09 – Rewarding of winners.

July 15th will be a press conference, to be attended by the head of “the Radio” Anna Zhukovskaya, Program Director “Nashe Radio” Vadim Smilyanets, producer of radio “Lux FM” Eugene Feschak, director of «Business Radio Group» Yevgeniy Yevtukhov.

Based on materials by NAM, “Radio Committee” – cross-industry association, which includes the largest radio holding in Ukraine, including the Business Radio Group,

Managing Partner – Independent Association of Broadcasters. Radio Committee was established in late 2007 to launch a single industry studies of radio, which are themselves the radio and advertising agencies during the planning of advertising campaigns.