Ofenbach beat Kiev!


An electronic duet from France called Ofenbach quickly gained recognition – after the release of the “Around the Fire” and “You Do not Know Me” tracks in 2015, they began collaborating with Robin Schultz and Tiesto himself. And in 2016 there was an explosion – their breakthrough single “Be Mine” listened not only to France but also to the whole world.

Last year, the duet played at the opening ceremony of the final of the Europa League – their performance was viewed by 60 million viewers. And on May 17, star performers played a big concert at Stereo Plaza!

Musicians could easily “roll out” the hall, presented a new track “Paradise” and forced everyone to dance to world-famous hits. Oftenbach is a symbol of brilliant youth, and their tracks are full of light carelessness and drive happiness.

Their compositions, where classical rock, blues melodies and dance motives merged into a single whole, created a unique atmosphere and moved the viewers in the very summer!

The media sponsor of the event was Power FM.


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