In Kyiv the most beautiful ukrainian woman was identified!


The other day in the Kiev operetta, we chose the winner of the competition “KRASNA KRAЇNI 2019”, which will represent Ukraine in the international arena of Mrs GLOBE 2019 in China.

Fifteen super-finalists of the competition fought for the victory. They prepared for this day in several stages: the girls passed 45 days. THE MARATHON OF BEAUTY and organized the charity auction “Overcome the Cancer Together”, where funds were collected for purchasing equipment in the intensive care unit of the National Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine.

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According to the results of online voting and points of the star jury, which included:
• Olga Sumskaya – People’s Artist of Ukraine,
• Vladimir Grishko – People’s Artist of Ukraine,
• Roman Mucha, general producer of M2 channel,
• Raytsin Arkady – CEO of Man of the Year,
• Elena Yushchenko – President of the Mom’s Heart Charitable Foundation,
• Oksana Kononets – the winner of the contest “Beauty without limits – 2016”
• Anna Shchapova – winner of Mrs GLOBE 2012,
• Elena Bernatskaya – famous Ukrainian designer,
• Irina Rybachuk – interior designer,
• Inelly Brul – designer jewelry,
• Olga Guseva – general producer of Fashion TV,
• Gerhard Frese – founder of the info project,
• Marina Kinakh – Honored Journalist of Ukraine,
• Victoria Yuligina – founder and CEO of 5staresxpo,

the winner was Elena Zhaglovskaya from Vinnitsa. In addition to the opportunity to represent Ukraine on “Mrs GLOBE 2019”, the winner received a trip to Europe from the company “Chariot of Travel”.

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The second and third places were taken by Elena Akimova from Kiev and Marina Starovyrets from Cherkasy. And, behold, Elena Gritzinger from Kiev became the people’s choice for online voting. The girls admitted that their way in the project was not easy, because they were not professional models, and some of them tried themselves on the catwalk for the first time, showing images from Ukrainian designers. In particular, modern Ukrainian ethno from Irina and Olga Rybachuk, Kati brand and unique brooches from Regina Verbitskaya.

КК_релиз (12)The entertainment program was no less intense, for the contestants and guests were: X-Factor winner Dmitry Babak, people’s artist Vladimir Grishko and Nadezhda Meikher, who became the host of the event along with Bogdan Triba. But the real party thundered on the aterparty in the club of the TAO, where the girls could have fun in an informal setting and dance to the rhythms of the KOLA, Yana Brilitskaya and the duet Edgar and Emma.

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“We made a new beauty contest format, where the contestants were chosen by popular vote, without any restrictions. And the main goal of the project was the mission“ MAKE GOOD TOGETHER. ” construction company Grandis Trade LTD, general radio partner POWER FM and DJ FM, exclusive gloss magazine “Ukrainian People”, official media partner TV channel “Fashion TV”.