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Business Radio Group – a company created in 1994. Over two decades of experience, we have gained a leading position in the market and have become one of the most successful and leading radio companies in Ukraine. The media holding Business Radio Group includes 4 major Ukrainian radio stations: «Shanson», «DJFM», «POWERFM» and «Business FM». Our radio stations broadcast both in major cities of Ukraine, and in the smaller ones. According to 19,84% TNS Ukraine W2’17 10.04-25.06, listeners of radio stations of our holding are 16.7% of the population of Ukraine!

The purpose of Business Radio Group – to be closer to all the contact groups and to communicate with young people as well as with the adults. We are always interesting to our audience, we know what you want to hear from us, and we provide it to you. Our radio stations are always trying to reach out to the “hearts” of each of our listeners to become their loyal friend. In addition, the company has its own production-studio, in which we quickly and accurately record the audio clips and products of any complexity.

Business Radio Group is always glad to effective cooperation. We provide services of direct marketing, special products and sponsorship projects. For us every partner is VIP, we are always happy to find the best and efficient solution for an effective advertising campaign.

We have the best experts, real professionals who will always find an individual approach to each client, listen carefully to all the wishes, and do their work quickly, efficiently and on time.

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+38 097 236 90 00


Kyiv, 54/1 Shevchenko blvd, 01032
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