Игорь Манн ВКЛЮЧАЙ СЕБЯ #НОМЕР1 Киев (21-22.11)

2-х дневный интенсив для ускоренного выхода в топ в вашей сфере

21 и 22 ноября 2015 года в Украинском доме (Киев, ул. Крещатик, 2)


Новые пути развития бизнеса дистрибьютора

Рынок постоянно меняется, время с каждым днем бросает новые вызовы для его игроков  

Song contest “Ukrainian format”

Business Radio Group, consisting of three radio stations (Business Radio, Lubimoe Radio and Radio Shanson) takes part in a new radio project - Ukrainian song contest "Ukrainian format." The organizer of the project - industrial association “Radio Committee".  

Business Radio Group reports.

In connection with the capture of one of the transmitters by terrorist forces, since October 1, broadcasting of the radio stations "Shanson" and "Lyubimoe Radio" in Donetsk terminated for indefinite time. Despite the technical difficulties, we are still remain in the air, and we are mindful of our listeners in the East of the country. Listen to us on the Internet. We will definitely return!

The updated website of Business Radio Group –

Leading radioholding Business Radio Group has become even more open and accessible with a new, multi-functional site - Now everyone can easily receive all necessary information concerning the holding and its radio stations.  

Radio Shanson – took the first place in the latest wave of ratings in Ukraine having fixed its position.

Already many times Radio Shanson wins the first place in the rankings among the most popular radio stations in our country and is a leader in the male audience between 24 and 45 years old. Competitors in disbelief. What is the secret of success? But, according to the directorship, there is no secret, they just love their work, and listeners appreciate good music and their radio stations.  

Business Radio Group – for the unity of the Ukrainian people!

We cannot stand aside and want to tell to every person, regardless of his/her political, religious and ethnic preferences in Ukraine live sincere and friendly people who want peace in their country.